Four Point Management operates on the principal of excellence, stands as New Jersey premier property management firm.

The Four Point Management sign is known throughout New Jersey as representing impeccably maintained and well located apartment buildings. Discover the benefits our company offers and the reasons why so many owners have chosen to stand behind the recognition of our ‘Four Point Management’ sign.

Apartment Management

Four Point Management has created a unique pro-active management model, when combined with its large apartment portfolio, will provide the following results:

  • Quality maintained buildings which consistently maximize income
  • Low operating costs
  • Vacancy rates consistently lower than market
  • Market rents that continually set the market
  • Quality tenants that respect their tenancy.
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • An asset that maximizes both its income and market value for the long term


How does Four Point Management achieve these results?

  • Four Point Management’s large portfolio creates considerable purchasing volumes from suppliers and results in significant discounts for the building and first in line service from suppliers. This benefit ensures lower operating costs to the building which are directly passed onto the building owners.
  • This same purchasing power, when combined with pre-chosen products (carpet, linoleum, countertops, paint, tile) across the Four Point Management portfolio, creates a further volume based discount again further lowering operating costs.
  • These pre-chosen products and front of line service allow Four Point Management to turnover suites in an incredibly short time frame which minimizes loss of vacancy to the building.
  • Four Point Management ’s large portfolio also creates a significant insurance pool which creates lower insurance premiums for lower operating costs
  • Four Point Management reviews market rents on a continual basis. Our large portfolio allows market changes in rental rates to immediately be determined and managed. This results in a process which maximizes market rents and seeks to achieve the maximum gross potential rents for each building on an ongoing basis.
  • The Four Point Management tenant application process thoroughly vets tenants with credit/references checks and personal interaction with building managers. This process strives to qualify and attract long term tenants resulting in fewer vacancies.
  • Consistent operating policies and procedures implemented by our building managers create a solid relationship between tenants and Four Point Management resulting in long-term tenancies and less tenant turnover.
  • Consistent management standards minimize tenant complaints, rental arbitration hearings and confusion in the rental process which can impact the income potential of a building.
  • The monthly rental collection process enables immediate action on late payments, NSF’s, Notices to vacate, Move-ins and advertising of available suites. This intensive process is key to maximizing income to the owner.
  • Four Point Management’s reporting is simple, accurate and timely. A continual proactive management of the building cash flows allows Four Point Management to distribute the owner’s monthly income within one to two days of rent collection.
  • The active hands on management of the building and solid reporting allow Four Point Management to keep the owner informed of the building and plan ahead for any major expenditure and strive to avoid surprises which may affect the cash flow of the building.
  • The Four Point Management reputation also garners confidence with financial institutions, insurance providers, government agencies and accounting firms which can be invaluable in the successful overall ownership of the asset.

The Four Point Management model and Four Point Management reputation maximizes the cash flow of the property, increases the value of the investment, and provides confidence to the owner and the market that the building is being managed in an experienced, proven and professional manner.


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