House and Condo

Putting your trust in someone to manage your investment property is a major decision. Putting your home or condo in Four Point Management’s hands is the right decision. Our owners rely on us to keep their rental property well tenanted, well maintained and financially rewarding.

Four Point Management’s core business has always been apartment management. The Four Point Management sign is known throughout New Jersey as always sitting on impeccably kept apartment buildings. Behind those signs is a company that focuses on diligently qualifying tenants, providing accurate and timely reporting and ensuring the client can access the Four Point Management purchasing power. Most importantly, our owners know their property is being actively and professionally managed.
Four Point Management has provided single unit management services for over 20 years. Owners have been able to access the power of Four Point Management’s professional management model while still dealing with a locally owned company that understands an owner’s individual needs and understands the nuances of his individual property.

Professional management with personal individual care are the benefits behind the Four Point Management.


Our Services

The services we offer in the management of house/condo rental units are as follows:

  • Renting the unit(s)
  • Screening new tenants
  • Collecting rents and any arrears
  • Monitoring rental rates and putting in rent increases on (i) turnover of tenants and (ii) yearly anniversary dates
  • Handling tenant disputes
  • Overseeing day-to-day operations
  • Reviewing and paying from the owner’s trust account all expenses relating to the operation of the unit(s)
  • Obtaining quotes and overseeing workmanship on all repairs required
  • Doing a detailed inspection of the property on a semi-annual basis
  • Monitoring closely the incoming and outgoing inspection process. It is very important that damage other than normal wear and tear be charged to the tenant’s security deposit rather than incurred by the owner
  • Preparing monthly operating statements. The monthly operating statement will be prepared and forwarded by the 15th of the following month
  • Forwarding the net monthly cash flow of the property by the 15th of the following month
  • Preparing year end accounting statements for inclusion in your income tax return (if requested)
  • All other functions as required.

Please consider Four Point Management as your property management provider and enjoy the benefits of New Jersey’s premier property management firm.


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