Current Tenants

Things to do during an emergency and non-emergency:

  1. Medical, Police or Fire Emergency, Call 911
  2. Immediate Attention During Normal Business Hours – For problems or repairs that need immediate attention during normal business hours, call the office, and a staff person will assist you.
  3. Immediate Attention After Normal Business Hours – For problems or repairs needed after hours, on weekends or holidays, call the office, and it will be connected with our answering service. They will contact a property manager on duty, and have them contact you.
  4. General Repairs That Are Not Urgent - For non-urgent general repairs and maintenance, fill in the maintenance request form, and e-mail it to our office. A staff member will call you to schedule for repair service.



New Tenants

Move-In Assistance

For utilities and services needed at your new home, go to the community links on our webpage, and choose the city you will be moving to for information about the companies who will be offering services for your new home. You should call them as soon as possible to schedule the required services to start on the date your lease starts.

Move-In Inspection

You must arrange a time and date for your move-in inspection with our office. The inspection will be done the day of or the day before your move-in time. All tenants should attend the move-in inspection. At the end of the inspection, you will be given a signed copy of the inspection report. Keep this with your lease papers since it will be used at your move-out inspection.


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